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Social Media Management 

A vision needs a plan. Our team of professionals who sparkle the glitter of utmost creativity in everything they do, Craft and curate campaign strategies to meet your goals and needs. That’s where social sculpts marketing and management save you time, effort, and energy. We handle your social media for you and make necessary marketing strategies.

We understand if you want to play on your own terms and timing. At social sculpt you get a suite of systematic and goal-oriented calendars designed according to you, for you. Post content, however, from wherever, and whenever you like.

Content that is aimed to target your audience is what social sculpt brings to the plate. Once the pictures and videos are captured it's time for a runway show. With the best of our team from photography to copywriting, we create and curate content that will get you noticed by the digital crowd whether it’s on social media or website.


We make sure that you stand out of the crowd with show-stopping graphics and content that lures the viewers to spend their vacation with you. 


With social sculpt you make sure of two things –

Engagement and visibility on the Internet.

Digital Content Production


Managing Paid Advertising

A stage is where you find the audience the most. That’s what we aim for when it comes to paid advertising. We leverage each and every audience-targeting feature available within the spectrum of social media to showcase the unique identity of your hospitality brand.


We understand the complexity of paid advertising and that’s why we do it for you, by managing cost-effective campaigns and maximizing reach on social media platforms.


"We know how to maximize reach while driving cost-effective conversions" 

Competitor Analysis 

Nobody wants to fall behind when it comes to competition, we aim on winning. With social sculpt you get services like analysis and reports of development on and off media of brands in the same hospitality industry while navigating the growth of our partners to help generate a plan that’s best suitable to our partner’s needs.


"With social sculpt, you are en route to the destination known as success.


Influencer Marketing 

The digital generation trusts the opinions of influencers. we research and find influencers on social media platforms that suit and align with your goals and try our best to bring them on board to work with you. We show the world through the tiny lens of how serene it is to get in touch with your brand be it for travel or stay.

Our partners are our spotlights and we make sure the world sees them too. 

Optimising Lead Generation
& Conversions:

Need more calls that turn into real-time guests? This is something we don’t let you go through. Social sculpt creates a platter of leads and solutions to turn those leads into guests. We work on optimizing your business on google to ensure that you get on top in order to generate leads. Tripadvisor which is the “Instagram” for hoteliers is the place for most lead generation and we make sure that we create an image that's positive and attractive.


Reputation Management

Social sculpt believes that good reviews from real guests can lead to more guests wanting to experience your service. This is why we work on making sure that a positive image of our partners is maintained using an extension to customer services to maintain the good and not-so-good review ratio.

We monitor reviews on all platforms be it the website or Instagram comment section to make sure you don’t fall behind when it comes to providing top-notch services to the guests. We believe that negative reviews help improve your service, and that’s what we do. 


We solve problems in real-time so that you don’t have to.

Reporting and analytics

Analytics helps a brand grow a lot on social media if used in an optimal way. Analytics like google, Instagram insights, etc. we prepare reports of the very same analytics and insights that are available on social media platforms and curate solutions that are just right for our hotelier partners.


Operational / Processes Consulting

When running a business in the hospitality industry, customer service becomes crucial. The better the customer service, the more the guests. That's where sales training comes to play. We make sure that the working staff of your firm have good communication qualities and know how to turn a call into a guest in no time. keeping a check on the revenue generated and spending becomes crucial which makes training in revenue management important. 

We make sure that what we deliver is culturally significant and fits your checklist of goals to achieve.
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